Sunday, March 15, 2009

the trigger effect movie review

this movie with elizabeth shue is based on power going out in a small
town in the USA.

it illustrates very realisticlly the types of problems that can pop up
quickly once the power goes out.

this movie is very realistic and not a movie that is overblown and
over the top. the power went out is all but it illustrates problems
that pop up as in how do you know what is happening when you don't
have power to turn on the radio and do you get a prescription
for yor baby when the computer at the pharmacy is down.. how do you
buy things when the ATM and credit card machines are down.. won't the
grocery store close down if they can't ring up your grocerirpes with
their scanner?

they eventually bug out but they don't do so war. if you find total
disaster or nuclear emergency movies too hard to swallow then this
movie is one you can imagine happening to you and get you thinking
about being prepared

you can buy it in the bugout guy store