Sunday, March 15, 2009

bad radio for bug out location

Eton Solarlink FR500 with american red cross logo.

It sounds good when you read the specs below, but it feels really cheap. The radio I got cost about $60 at radio shack. The one I got would not tune to AM or FM. The dial only took it to shortwave and weather channels, on which I heard nothing. It just feels cheap as well. Stay away from this radio, I am removing it from the bug out guy store.

wind up, battery(3 AA batteries) or solar charging
cell phone charging
am fm shortwave and NOAA weather
flashlight and distress alarm
even has a wake up alarm

too big for the bug out bag but good for home or permanent bug out location.

winding up a radio gets old the solar charging sounds cool

I will test soon in the sun, too overcast today