Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Carbine Class

I recently took a carbine class to learn how to shoot one of those evil "assault rifles." (true assault rifles are not single shot rifles they are fully automatic or shoot more than one shot at one time, so this is just more nonsense from reporters who don't know what they are talking about.. or politicians) So I was shooting a semi-automatic rifle. I digress.

Anyway the training was very good, and I worked out some issues related to quickly reloading, safely handling the rifle around others and doing immediate action drills when the rifle jams. We did alot of timed quick shooting at targets from many distances. Oh, and we also did some drills of transitioning to a pistol if and when the rifle has problems.

I recommend training to anyone of any skill level. There is nothing like group training and doing drills under supervision in a timed drill. And I stress whatever your skill level.... It is just usefull whether you are clueless or super advanced.

I highly recommend in central Texas for carbine classes.