Wednesday, March 11, 2009

5 rifles and no food or water

I live in Texas. In Texas almost everyone has guns.

The problem with that is that everyone has guns, but very few have stored food or water for emergencies. If you have food and water, there is little reason to poke your head outside.

If you don't have food and water, but have 5 guns, then you are part of the problem. You are going to be a bunch of you guys with more guns than brains all trying to get food and water from somewhere, somehow. That is dangerous for you and for everyone else.

Be a smart guy, get your guns but also store food and water so you won't have to venture out in search of food or water-- because what happens when you and someone else who has more guns than food run into each other? You might both be suspicious of someone carrying guns and walking about, it could get ugly with two good guys suspicious of the other one.

Get guns but go ahead and store food and water, that way you don't have to go out where a bunch of guys with more guns than brains are looking for food an water.

At least here in Texas, having guns just puts you on par with everyone

else. It is not like you have an advantage, you are not the only one armed and some of those guys are better trained and have more buddies than you do. Get the water and food so you can just stay inside where is mostly safe. At least if someone comes kicking in your door you will at least feel good you are shooting a bad guy. Outside, you might not know if you are shooting at a good guy or a bad guy. And also since legally, someone kicking in your door you have a right to shoot at, just two guys getting nervous and shooting at each other could be murder either way you want to look at it.

All this being said.. wouldn't it be better to bug out, out of the city where there are so many people and so little food? People are the most dangerous animals on the planet and the more people and less food in any area, the more dangerous it is.Get out of the city, less people is better.