Monday, December 6, 2010

Bug out bags

Bug out bags - there are many types of bug out bags.

main bug out bag - a complete bag you want with you when bugging out, that you can still walk with.
car supplemental bug out bags - keep them in small units if possible. You might want a cooking suplemental bug out bag with heavy cooking items like extra fuel or cast iron cookware. How about a car emergency kit with oil, tools and antifreeze premixed with water? A cold weather supplemental kit with all types of things for cold weather. An electronics kit... The idea is your main bug out bag goes with you in an emergency but you can put in your car or take out of your car any type of supplemental bag you might want but you are not going to walk with but would be nice to have if still driving and not walking.
escape and evasion bug out bag - this is as small as possible with the idea being that you leave it attached to your body at all times.
car bugout bag - if you have a car or cars, you might want a bug out bag for the car if you happen to keep your bug out bag at home.
light bug out bag - start a light bug out bag to push the limits on your ability to do less with more and lighten the load. you might actually want to take it on a day hike and it might be useful.
pocket survival kit - think "fits in the pocket". We don't like to hump stuff around all day so start thinking of what you can carry on you that is super small and light. Carrying a knife and Bic lighter is a start.

The Bugout Guy