Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SOG PowerLock Multi Tool Review

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a wilderness survival class.
The class rules limited what was allowed to be brought from a gear/
tools perspective. The gear was limited to a multitool and/ or a
pocket knife. Before attending the course, a friend of mine
recommended to me that I purchase a multitool with a good saw if
possible. So I shopped around and found the multitool that I would
settle with; the SOG Paratool. It came highly recommended to me from a
few other owners. The cross-cut saw was a deal sealer for me. As I
went through the class It became evident that my purchase was a good
one. from sawing down trees to build shelter, to using it as a
makeshift fish scaler, the Paratool very much proved its worth. I was
able to build a stronger shelter because I was able to saw down larger
plants/trees for support. I was amazed that after a good two days of
extensive sawing, the blade never lost its edge. I now keep one in
each glove compartment of my vehicles. You never know when you might
need a tool such as this.It could be very handy during an emergency on
a long road trip. I highly recommend this product!!!!

-- Dave M. of Dallas