Wednesday, March 25, 2009

freedom of being prepared

Being prepared can make you feel good and free.

So saturday I went shooting at the range..

All I had to do was grab the gun and my "gun bag" with the ammo and the ak sight adjuster and leave.

got hungry and pulled some canned chicken out of the trunk and ate it and had some Perier...(it is hot in Texas so water in bottles lasts better in the heat than plastic).

Then I went to check up on my possible bug out location. I went and walked around for an hour or so and got all sweaty. So before I left I pulled out of the trunk a new pair of shorts and a shirt and left feeling refreshed.

I could have had a little cook out and slept out there as well since I have a bugout bag and other bug out items in the car.

Kind of cool, I could just take off anytime I want and just do whatever I want. No need to pack a bunch of stuff.. you stay permanently packed.