Saturday, March 28, 2009

actual bug out bag male complete list

Here is my own personal bug out bag.

My bug out bag is super heavy and I would also be carrying a rifle and ammo.. so the idea of the bugout bags is that they really go into the car for bugging out of the city. If thigs get really bad and we need to leave the cars then we can put them on our backs and walk for a short time. I don't think I could walk far with my super heavy pack. But then again after you start eating an drinking it gets lighter and you can always ditch things.

bottom compartment

1 alpine design mess kit
2 match boxes
freeze dried food
- spagetti with meatsauce(1 serving)
- turkey tetrazzini(2 servings)
- beef stroganoff(2 servings)
-rice and chicken(1 serving)
-sweet and sour chicken(2 servings)
1 animal snare
chef boyardee jumbo spagetti and meatballs
1 roll of toilet paper
jet boil stove and 2 fuel canisters
--> Buy it -- Jetboil PCS Stove w/ Coffee Press
--> Video of it -- Jetboil on video
1 chocolate soymilk
2 individual instant coffee packets
spoon fork knife
2 lighters
3- 3 oz chicken breast in water Swanson
smoked oysters
camp soap
deck of cards(glowin the dark)

bottom outer pouch
1 texas map
birth certificates
deed to house
eyeglass prescriptions
$200 in $10 dollar bills
medium size swiss army knife
pocket knife 3.5 inch
leatherman multi tool

side water pouches
2 liters of Aquafina water

strapped on bottom area
Coleman Sundome Tent for 2

Top main compartment
1 roll campers toilet paper and 4 small square wipes
1 Coghlan's survival kit in a can
1 roll of duct tape
1 sweetwater gaurdian microfilter for filtering water
1 animal snare
1 leg trap
1 hard drive backup
adult clothes- camo pants long and short, 2 shirts, 2 socks, 2 underwear
para cord
1 chocolate soy milk
2 lighters
hygiene kit- deodorant, shaving cream, razor blade, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, soap
1 small first aid kit with loradine tablets

top strap on area
sleeping bag

upper left side small pocket

bottle of Bacardi Rum
100 .22 bullets
1 Ruger .22 pistol

upper right side small pocket

brookstone wind up radio/flashlight
3 light sticks
2 ponchos
roll of quarters

Need to add:
pen and paper(old technology for communications)